Selected Works

Cafik-Martin Coaching Webpage

Client website designed, built, and deployed for orthodontic speaker and treatment coach, Laura Cafik-Martin.

BikeWatch Webpage

BikeWatch is a web application that tracks reported bike incidents around the Toronto downtown core. Incidents include thefts and hazards and a map of recently reported incidents is displayed. Built with React, React Hooks, Context API, React-Leaflet, and API.

BlackJack Webpage

Blackjack card game built with vanilla JavaScript and the Deck of Cards API.

TML Stat Tracker Webpage

TML Tracker is a web application built to track and follow the Toronto Maple Leafs stats and news throughout the NHL season. Built with React, Redux, and the NHL API.

Trivia Webpage

An online Trivia Game. The game has multiplayer capability with up to four players utilizing the same device. Built with the OpenTrivia Database API and jQuery. Created in partnership with Adam Pachulski.

War Webpage

War card game built with jQuery.

SOAS Webpage

SOAS is a fictional restaurant and the style of restaurant I would have dreamed of owning and operating. Pictures of Agern restaurant used with permission from photographer Nick Solares.

Drive Solo Webpage

Drive Solo is a single page PSD conversion.

Countries Webpage

Countries of the World is a web pplication created to look up various forms of country information. Built with React, REST Countries API, GeoNames Database, Dark Sky API, Exchange Rates API, and the FourSquare API.