BikeWatch is a React project created as part of Juno College's Web Development Immersive course. The focus of the project was to create a React web application utilizing an API.

As an avid cyclist and vitim of bicycle theft this project was personally important to me. I wanted to create a tool that could be used by Toronto's cycling community and act a digital neighborhood watch.

BikeWatch utilizes the API to query user reports to their database. GeoJSON data from BikeWise is utilized and displayed using React Leaflet library for mapping.

The challenge of creating this project was the compressed time during the bootcamp and being given only 7 days to complete while also concurrently learning React.

Since completing the bootcamp this project was refactored from Class based components to all Functional components with React Hooks and implements React's Context API for state management. In the future I would like to build out a dedicated database with Node.js and Express instead of depending on BikeWise.