Cafik-Martin Coaching

I worked with Orthodontic Speaker and Coach Laura Cafik-Martin to design, create, and deploy a website of her portfolio, services, and information.

I had built a website for Laura in 2019 fresh out of web development bootcamp. The website was a very simple three page static build written with HTML, SCSS and some JavaScript. A year later Laura approached me with plans to expand on her website to include a section where she could launch her online mentoring and coaching program. We also took this opportunity to redesign her page and update the codebase to utilize a static site generator.

The challenge to this update was building out a client portal that included authentication and tracked user progress through the course. Not wanting to build out a database server I turned to Firebase which could easily handle both authentication and provided a simple database. Another benefit of Firebase is its good documentation, large user base, and Gatsby also has good documentation on usage and interaction with Firebase. Firebase's console panel also allows for multiple users and is user friendly and simple enough for Laura to add new users and view their progress on her own.

In the future we will continue to expand on Laura's website adding a Blog by connected to a CMS such as Contentful or Strapi.