MarchéRunner is a fullstack web application built utilizing the MERN stack. TypeScript, React, and Redux on the Frontend, NodeJS, Express, and Mongoose/MongoDB for the backend, and deployed with Heroku.

When going grocery shopping I was using a draft email in Gmail to write down my lists before heading out the door. I built this project out of desire for a better experience and way of handling lists for my weekly runs. This project has turned out to be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience - and there's even some friends that will be using it as well

MarchéRunner is my first fullstack application. I learned NodeJS, Express, and Mongoose/MongoDB from Andrew Mead's Node.js course and also through a section from Brad Traversy's React course (both of which I wholehartedly recommend). I have barely scratched the surface on the backend and the possibilities ther MERN stack and I'm looking forward to learning much more.

This project is currently a glorified To-Do List/Task application but I have future plans to expand on its abilities. My original idea for a fullstack application was a recipe database where users could add recipes and then convert measurement units and scale yields. A desire to build this application came from my experience as a Chef and spending much of my time with hardcopy recipes whereas I would have preferred digital. I would like to build my original plans into MarchéRunner and also be able to extrapolate shopping lists from recipes.

Much of the UI in this build was inspired from my time at Draper AI. It was there that I had the opportunity to interact with a component library where much of it was completely customized - majority of which was done before I joined the team. I used this project as the perfect opportunity to expand my React skills and build out a frontend with minimal packages and libraries to showcase my own custom component library and abilities with React.