My Story

I've always had a fondness and curiosity for the web since I was teenager learning HTML in the early days of the internet. I've also always enjoyed programming and studied the sciences throughout highschool and then continued onwards to post-secondary where I completed a degree in Physics at The University of Toronto.

After University I decided to pursue the childhood dream of becoming a Chef. I've been lucky and privileged enough to work and travel as a Chef and have lead kitchens in both Toronto and abroad. I have experience in fine dining kitchens, corporate food development, and food-tech start ups. I've cooked 12 course tasting menu dinners, slung lettuce wraps at street festivals, been part of a team resolving one of the largest Canadian food recalls, and more.

After working as a Chef for a decade I decided to leave the hospitality industry in 2019. While I had succeeded and climbed the ladder of professional kitchens I could no longer ignore the growing income disparity, lack of employee rights and proper employment practices, and restaurants often being fixated on and driven by social media influence over quality of food and service.

I've applied my programming knowledge during my studies in various courses and have also had the opportunity to write small bits of code to help my job as a Chef.

With a background in the sciences and a familiarity with programming basics I enrolled in the part time continuing education web development program at Juno College in November 2018 and was later admitted to their 8-Week immersive program in April 2019.

Even though I miss cooking professionally I haven't looked back to restaurant kitchens. I've only fallen more in love with programming and am dedicated to growing my career as a developer. I now just keep to cooking at home for friends and family.