Working at Draper AI

I had the opportunity to work as a Frontend Engineering Intern at Draper AI from October 2019 to January 2020. I was incredibly fortunate to have this experience and work alongside a team of highly intelligent, creative, and motivated engineers. I was the first hire from a web development bootcamp and their first hire without the deep experience of an Engineering or Computer Science background that the majority of the team possessed.

One of my main interests in working at Draper AI was due to their technology stack and deepening my knowledge of React and being exposed to a production scale codebase of that stack.

Working at Draper AI was one of the most challenging work experiences I have ever had. I was able to learn about working as a member in a team of engineers, understand how to navigate and work within a large complex codebase, and understanding how the development process works from ideation, to design and development, and then release.

Some of my biggest takeaways were coming away with more of an understanding of what it means to write maintainable code for other developers and the future, the importance of reading and writing documentation of both the tools being used and built, and the knowledge that development is more about the process of solving problems, thinking of creative solutions, and building tools without necessarily being tied to a specific language, framework, or library.

I have learned tremendously from my time at Draper AI and have become a better developer. I am excited to keep an eye on the team and what the company will accomplish next.